Playing on bonus

At the beginning of the game free online casino slot games
, in addition to the normal rate ANTE, the player may make an additional bet – the so-called a bet on a bonus. As a rule, it can not be very large and is limited to 2.5 dollars gambling bonuses
. Relevant chips are placed in the circle of boxing ANTE. The rate of benefit, if the player receives at the hands of a straight or better poker combination (although some casinos where the bonus is paid and for three). Each gambling establishment size of the bonus determined at their discretion.
Here are the table of ratios for which bonuses are paid:
It is essential that the payment of the bonus is not dependent on the maximum payment of the table, nor on the dealer’s cards. It does not matter, "plays" the dealer or "does not play gambling casino online bonus
, he scored a combination of your age or younger.
The rate of bonus has no effect on the main course of the game. But if a player decides to replace one of their cards (solution 3), the rate of bonus is usually lost gambling discount
But the most interesting game on the bonus is held in those institutions where a royal flush, you get more than a fixed premium, and the jackpot (or some part of it, depending on the size of your bet). Jackpot – an electronic piggy bank money, which gets some of the losing players at all tables casino. The size of the jackpot is not comparable to any "relations" – it usually reaches 10-60 thousand dollars gambling now
. Another opportunity to beat the casino on such amount, at one stroke, you will not be presented.
As you can see, poker is no more difficult than in such gambling games as Black Jack, Sic Bo, or roulette. If you want something simpler, better to play Keno, or download slot machines.