Rushmore Casino

Online Casinos Rushmore Casino is under the auspices of the Real Time Gaming. Internet casinos licensed under the jurisdiction of the island of Cyprus and checked on the game fairly Technical Systems Testing. Online Casino Rushmore Casino offers two types of blackjack tournaments in real time. The first type is multi-table tournament, and another blackjack – a tournament with one table. Online casinos recently made several innovations in the first form of the tournament. This kind of tournament online blackjack was very popular, and thanks to its characteristics, it attracts more and more gamblers.

Sweet 16s and daily tournaments. They are a very fast race one on one. There is a constant demand for tournaments for card games with a prize fund with no entry fee, especially for new gamblers. Therefore, Online Casinos Rushmore Casino has added a new blackjack tournament that does not require an entrance fee. He called the $ 200 Bankroller and is held every Saturday.

Following remarkable innovations are the tournaments that take loyalty points as contributions. In online casinos Rushmore Casino offers two kinds of loyalty points. Points of loyalty (Loyalty Points) – this points that the player gets in tournaments gambling blackjack for participation. Points of winning (Victory Points) are awarded to the player for winning the games in the tournament for online blackjack. Tournaments loyalty points – a tournament that accept loyalty points as contributions.

Tournaments winning points – a tournament in which points of winning are accepted as contributions. These tournaments are held at night on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Although these tournaments as a contribution to take glasses loyalty, winning for them paid in cash. At a higher rung of the ladder contributions are blackjack tournaments in real time with small contributions. Online Casino Rushmore Casino offers several types of tournaments. $ 101 Dalmations, $ 2 Buck Chucks and $ 3 Little Birds are just some of them. The prize fund these smaller tournaments and makes a few hundred dollars.

It is worth mentioning two other tournament blackjack in real time. One of them is called Happy Hour, which takes place every day. The initial amount of the prize fund is equal to $ 200. However, if comes into play more players, the prize fund increases. Another tournament online blackjack is also a daily, and it was created for those who visited the site at a later time. He called the $ 11 Midnite Flight.

Online Casino Rushmore Casino also offers tournaments at the same table. They have a strict schedule, as in multi-table tournaments, but they start as soon as the table would be the appropriate number of players. There are two types odnostolnyh tournament blackjack. The most popular is the Mano A Mano. It involved only two players and the game starts as soon as they confirm their participation. Online Blackjack Tournament held in 10 rounds and the winner receives the total prize. Another type of tournament is called Sit N Go. It must involve 3.6 players. When 3 players join the game, the clock starts ticking time, lasting 2 minutes, during which the table can join 3 other players. After the countdown begins tournament blackjack. This tournament is also held in 10 rounds in the internet casino Rushmore Casino, but the prize is divided between the two best players on online Blackjack.