Rate in the box

Rate in the box ANTE will be paid in the ratio 1:1. But BET is paid depending on your poker combination. Here is a table of ratios:
If the bet ANTE – $ 10 (per box BET – $ 20) free casino slot games
, the total winnings will be having a full $ 150. For a royal flush you pay $ 2010. Now remember that at each gaming table is a plate, where in addition to the minimum and maximum bet ANTE, display the maximum payout table. More than this amount, you will not get under any circumstances – these are the rules of the game.
We, however, assumed that the dealer has a poker combination. If not, your card no interest. In this case we say that the dealer did not play. " You have won in any case free casino slot machine
- no matter how you may be "empty". Your winnings will be bet ANTE – no more and no less. Those who agreed to 1, a little sad. But put yourself in the place got a royal flush – frustration will be terrible! This "royal" combination is extremely rare, and if the dealer played, winning would be many times more. By the way, if you did the replacement (solution 3), taking into account fees for exchange, the battle with the free casino slot machine games
"unplayable" dealer ends peacefully flow.
Playing on a few boxes
The above are all the basic rules of the game free online casino for fun
. We add that if you wish, you can play on several boxes (making the initial rates in several boxes ANTE, not occupied by other players). But "normal" game usually allow a maximum of two boxes – to the rest of the game will only blind. Maps of these boxes are not allowed to watch, and the only alternative – a solution 2. The odds of winning, of course, worse. Since BET is becoming mandatory, its supposed to do in advance – in conjunction with the rate ANTE.
Playing on two boxes a little more profitable than one. Therefore, the casino take preventive measures: playing on two boxes, you have to watch their cards in turn. You start with an analysis free online casino no deposit
of maps in the first box and must take a decision. And only after that you can view maps in the second box. Otherwise, according to the casino, the player would be too great privilege – the more information you have, the worse for the institution.