On the history of poker

Poker – one of the most common now casino craps pro
, gambling card games. There are many variations of poker, such as: Oasis Stud Poker, Texas Hold’em poker, Omaha Poker, Russian and Caribbean Poker, Three Card Poker, Five and Seven Card Poker and etc. All this variety of poker can be found in a casino anywhere in the world. About the best poker rooms can be found at casino gambling card
First mention of the card game of poker is found in the books of the 16 th century in Europe, where he was known under a variety of names: in France – as "La Prime" in Italy and Spain – as the "Primero". The poker game at the time was carried out three cards, and played a combination of three identical cards of one suit called flash casino games download
By the XIII century, poker has gained even more popularity in Europe, while at the same time become more excitement her appearance in "bluffing" and the pre-announcement of its players in rates, rent, have five cards instead of three. From this period have survived such names as poker: "Brag" (England), "Poque" (France), "Pochen" (Germany). At the same time poker began to conquer America.
In its current form, this game was born in New Orleans (USA) in 20-ies of XIX century casino games download
. Initially, the deck was only 20 cards – from aces to tens. Fundamentals of modern poker were laid about by the 1870-th year. Since then he has gained a lot of fans and rightly considered a national American card game. No accident that most poker terms are of American origin.
At the end of XIX century in Europe and in the best houses in America is beginning to spread such a thing as club poker, a game where, unlike poker games in casinos in Europe, was conducted only among members of the club’s players, not the dealer.
Several times a year, the attention of all players in the world attract poker tournaments, such as the open championship of America, the British championship in "Pacific poker", or annually held casino games machines
in May in Las Vegas «World Series of Poker», with an entrance fee 10 000 dollars per participant and a prize for first place in the amount of one million dollars.
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