Poker Rules

Regulation Oasis Poker
The deck of 52 cards from deuce to Ace of all four suits casino games online web
. Highest card in the suit – an ace, the youngest – deuce. Before each game the deck is reshuffled.
Players and counting table
The game usually involves several players. All players independently playing against the dealer. Before each of them two of boxing – two rectangles outlined on the table. One of them is called boxing ANTE (initial rate), the other – BET (bet), RAISE (growth rate), or PLAY (game). Above the box ANTE usually drawn circle, designed to bet on a bonus casino games online web.
Starting bid
Before each game the player makes the initial rate – puts one or more chips in the box ANTE. Any bet must be placed in a certain range: the minimum and maximum bet you will see a special plate on the table casino games online web
. In addition, this plate is specified so-called maximum payment table – the upper limit of your winnings.
Distribution maps
While handing the dealer deals 5 cards to each player and himself. Cards are dealt one by one and put on the table face down. However, the dealer’s last card casino games slot machines
Purpose of the game
After the deal, the player looks at their cards and assess their effect. Purpose of the game – to collect the highest possible poker hand.
Poker Hands
Every hand is one of the 11 poker combinations. Most low hand is empty, the others – meaning. A combination is determined by the value of its cards, as well as their suits casino golden
, but the order in which cards are received does not matter. The following combinations are listed in descending order of seniority.