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Each country has its own Independence Day, which is celebrated with a special scale. Some countries are so proud of their independence, that on this day they know the people around the world. For example, U.S. Independence Day is July 4. Living in America celebrate this day with a special reverence for a long time preparing for the holiday. Several representatives of the gambling business, too, try not to stand by and fully support his country. Among these representatives can be identified especially online casino Go Casino, which decided in conjunction with the July 4 tournament games on slot machines. On this day, began to act immediately two of the tournament Go Casino.

One of the tournament began its march on the night of July 4 and continued until 6 July inclusive. His name is directly related to the celebration of Independence Day America July 4. It is called “4th of July $ 4444 Bonus Buck Bonanza”. As the name implies, the tournament prize money from internet casino Go Casino stood at 4.444 million dollars. To participate in the tournament players were supposed to get 50 virtual chips and pay an entrance fee of 2.99 dollars. In order for players to test their strength in the tournament by playing the online slot machines, was chosen one of the most popular video slots, Liberty 7s.

Online gaming machine Liberty 7s is a classic video slot, consisting of three reels and one payline. We also know that it began its existence even in land-based casinos. Name Liberty 7s slot machine speaks for itself, so the characters in it relevant. You can find there such traditional characters as colorful sevens and bar, painted in the colors of the American flag: red, blue and white. Jackpot in the slot machines in online casinos is 10 thousand coins, if one line payments will be collected three characters from the image sevens one color.

The second tournament games on the slot machines from online casino Go Casino was more serious and goes so far. It began July 3 and will end on July 17, its duration is 2 weeks. This tournament is part of the Big Prize Pool Tournaments. Since the tournament itself is confined to the July 4 Independence Day of America, and the prize it has direct relevance to this day. It is 144 444 dollars. First place in the tournament is estimated at U.S. $ 64.444, while the remaining 80 thousand dollars will be distributed among 499 participants of the tournament. For participation in the tournament on the Go Casino online casino players will have to pay an entrance fee from 10 to 20 dollars. Online gaming machine, which is used in this event fully reflects the theme of the Independence Day of America. In other words, the main characters in it are a statue of independence, the American flag, George Washington, the Liberty Bell and other symbolic images.