Proceedings game

So, you pick up a map and determine the value of the hand casino slot machines games
. Sooner or later you have to compare his hand to the dealer – this is the essence of the game. A higher hand wins. The dealer’s opened, but it’s all available to you information. Perhaps a bit of help could provide maps of other players, but they are unknown: show cards to other players, or discuss with them any problems are not allowed casino star theatre
After estimation of the hand you have to make a choice.
Weigh the pros and cons and take any of three possible solutions.
Solution 1. Surrender immediately. You throw the cards on the table (closed) download casino slot games
, ANTE bet is lost, the game is over for you.
Decision 2. Continue playing with your cards. You put them to pile on the table, but it’s not all. In boxing BET need to put new gaming chips – an additional rate necessary to further the game. This rate should be twice the initial rate in box ANTE. Sometimes this procedure is called ‘Raising rates european online casino
Decision 3. Try to reverse the fate and change one card to improve the hand. Having, for example, Q-9-8-7-6, you can throw the lady in the hope of getting a ten or five and have a straight free casino online
. However, this possibility is not free. You put your cards on the table, and unnecessary card puts aside. It is necessary to put the new chips – a fee for the exchange of rates ANTE. The dealer immediately pick up these chips, but instead will give you a new card. You are once again at his cards, and if the change has been successful, he makes Decision 2. If not, you can immediately stop the game – solution 1. Other alternatives have not.
After all players have made their choice, the dealer opens his cards. Let us suppose that he has a poker (not empty) combination. In this case, his hand is compared to the player. It opens your five cards, and if your alignment is lower, you lose all that wager. When equal hands, you’ll be in their. If the dealer loses the fun begins.