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The Gold Casino – the standard online casino, with two distinctive features. The first – is to use the payment system e-gold as a unit. The second – is the ability to instantly (about 1-2 seconds) and no way of an application (no need to wait for confirmation from the administration) the withdrawal of your funds to your account in e-gold.

These two factors greatly influenced the development of a casino, there are rumors that the opening was such an influx of players that all development costs were paid back in one day.

Implementation of the instantaneous output, allows players to fully protect themselves against fraud by the administration of the casino. Using the payment system e-gold, which by its very nature is international, allowing players from every country, not to worry about whether he could withdraw their money from the casino. For comparison, online casino, where the main method of entering a credit card, in order to collect your winnings have to wait between 4-8 days. So casinos are protected from the use of stolen credit cards. However, far from clear that even if everything is clean, you get your money back, the global network keeps a sufficient number of stories about the players cheated.

The disadvantages of this casino, you can consider a need to explore the technology of payments in e-gold and spend a percentage of the amount due to exchange e-gold to the traditional means of payment.

In my opinion, better to spend an hour studying e-gold and pay 1-2% of the amount of gaming, rather than constantly thinking about whether you deceive the administration of the casino or not. Especially, it is important for the Russians, which is not very zhaluyut in traditional online casinos.

Now a closer look at the casino in terms of the player.