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The lost dr.seuss casino search engines poem:

I love my casino search engines that finds me the best pay
I love it more and more each day
I love the dealers, they're the best
I even love the old crusty pitboss and all the rest.

I love the casino search engines and its location
I hate to have to go on vacation.
I love the casino search engines
that nice little utility
And piles of cash that'll grow like my Uncle Max's senility

I think the casino search engines is really swell
There's nothing else I love so well
I love to play at the tables or online
I love the sneers, and glares that remind me of swine.

I love my dear casino search engines with all its software
I caress it often though it won't care
I love the casino search engines, its programs and files
I'd love it more if it worked once in a while

I'm happy to have access to the casino search engines. I am. I am.
Even though, my name is not Trump, Clinton or Uncle Sam.
Still, I'm the happiest online gamer you'll see
I love to gamble and bet with glee

I simply adore the casino search engines--I'll say it again and again--
I can't get enough betting in one day or ten
I even love the casino search engines men wearing white coats
Who've come today
To show me a casino that floats


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