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Comps for casino players. What are comps for casino players?

Casino comps or complimenatry is a perk that you get for free at any given casino.

When my dad used to cruise to Las Vegas every year on a casino junket, he used to come back raving about the free shows that he saw there. In the 50s, 60s and 70s, there were top acts like Buddy Hacket , Joan Rivers, Wayne Newton, Phillis Diller, Frank Sinatra--all for free. All you had to do was be in the casino and they gave you a ticket to the show. Today, they charge
top dollar for shows like that, but there are still a lot of perks for free. There are still a lot of Casino comps. Free slot game coupons to use for free slot games, free buffets, free shows, free booze or even free hotel rooms, discouted airfares and other perks.

The best thing is that you don't have to be a high roller or big spender like in the old days.

As has been written im many casino directories, slot machines and slots have now surpassed gaming tables in terms of revenues generated. The casinos want you to stay and play casino slots, so they offer you all kinds of flippin' comps. A comp for this and a comp for that. It all adds up. It's free money, so why not take advantage of it? This is not a myth. This is a casino faq.

Do you notice how young and sexy the casino attendants are? This is not by accident. They want to get your attention. I think this is a comp in itself. Hey, after flying several hours on a standby flight, eating a soggy cold meal , I think these slot attendants are certainly a sight for sore eyes. Another comp for slot players.

Modern casinos keep tabs of how much money players are spending in their machines using high tech software and state of the art computers. In response to this, they give out comps. casinos have started slot clubs--they go by many names-- slots players club, slot club, vip club, vip slots, vip services, among others. To join any one of these comps, is very easy and takes no more than 5 minutes. You fill out a simple form with your name on it and they give you a card with a magentic stripe. It's all free--that's why it's a comp. Before you play any electronic game like casino slots, keno, black jack slot, ali baba slot, sims slot, you swipe the card throught he machine and it is tracked by the casino's software. If you prefer to play a table game for roulette, blackjack, craps, or others, you just hand in your card to the dealer and he/she will enter your card through the software of the casino's computer. It takes all of a minute or two. This is a simple comp.

Each time you play a game, the casino software adds credits to your comps account based on your spending habits. The more you spend, the more comps you get.

According to a recent survey, some casino players have concerns over privacy and confidendiality. becuase you have to give them your name, address, and some other identifying information. This is a myth. The casinos actually send you coupons and promotions to your mailing address. Yes, another comp. Don't be afraid of uncle sam. This is all legal. Get your pen out and sign your name for a free comps for casino players.

Tips for Casino comps:
1) Do you want to double or even triple your comps? How about signing up twice or even three times? Many casinos don't mind. Get your wife who plays slots to sign up. Each time you sign up for a slot club, you get a card or free comp. If they give you the slots look, tell the slots attendant that you like to play several slot machines at once. If they still say no way, go back in a little while and tell you lost your card. Try anything to get another Casino comps. Let your wife or nowadays the PYT--pretty young thing have the extra card and you get double comps. Let's say you're there with a flippin' office group, get them to build your comps by getting as many extra cards as they can. I have seen many people trying several ways to get extra
cards by asking politely perfect strangers if they use their card while they play. As long as you share, you'll attract more people and get more comps.

2) Casino comps Tip #2: Do you want to even carry this one step more? Yes, we all do. That is human nature. At a buffet, everyone goes back for seconds right? Take advantage of all the freebies the casino has. Find out which casinos give double or triple credits on certain days. Then go to the casino on these days to double your comps.

Some casinos give you double points when you sign up a friend or better-half. Still others give you double points on the day you sign up for comps. Do your homework and be a good slots guide. Find all the special days when they are giving away comps. Let's play slots!

Casino comps tip #3: This is commonsense but worth mentioning. Be sure that you get credit or comps for the time that you play. The casino is not going to attend to you. It's your job to get your comps benefits. Insert your card properly and see that it is recorded on the card. If you have questions about whether or not the card is working, ask the slots attendants for assistance.
Get to know the tellers and attendants, they will give you helpful advice. I had a friend who told me that a pretty slots attendant told him that one slot machine was giving extra points due to a malfunction. He ended up not only with a date foir the evening with this lovely lady, but 10 times the points towars free comps. The same goes when you're playing at a gaming table. Make sure the dealer swipes your card through the reader.

Casino comps tip #4: Read all the casino brochures and be a good slots guide. Get to know the comps system and get into the comps groove, man!

Casino comps tip #5: Play at the right casino for you. If you're a low roller or small spender, go to casinos that reward low spenders. There are plenty of them. Join the slot clubs and watch out for double days when they double or triple your points.

Casino comps tip #6: Go to the casino on hot slot club days and don't forget to double up your points for comps. Remember these days. Write the flippin' things down. Here a comp there a comp. It has been said, let them eat comps!

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