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Rules & Regulations
Player's Implied Acceptance
of Rules and Regulations
The player's acceptance of the rules and regulations, terms and conditions is implied when the player plays any games or uses any accounts associated this casino. Players, upon use of these accounts or play of any of these games hereby certify all of the following:
  1. The player is over 18 years of age or over the minimum legal age, in their country of residence, to participate in the games.
  2. The player is responsible for not allowing anyone else access to his account name and password.
  3. Player may only operate one active account at any time. Players opening multiple accounts without first voiding their existing account are subject to being excluded from the casino with all wins forfeited. In order to void an account, Players must contact Customer Support.
  4. The company will not be held liable for hardware or software malfunctions or bugs in any form.
  5. The player realizes that all the playing, betting and participation in any game is being recorded. The players agrees that any discrepancies, disagreements, or problems of any kind will be submitted to the company within 5 business days of the said discrepancy, disagreement or problem. If no such notification exists the player agrees that no recourse discrepancy, disagreement or problem exists and the player has no rights or recourse and shall fully indemnify the company from any claims the player may have for any reason whatsoever.
  6. The player is solely responsible for his/her actions concerning the laws and legalities of playing the games in the community and legal jurisdiction to which the player is transporting the software and material of the company.
  7. The company reserves the right to limit or cancel any players account at the companies own discretion. It is recognized and agreed to by the player that, in the case of any discrepancy whatsoever, management's decision on all matters will be final.
  8. Any bonuses received by the player cannot be cashed out until the bonus is bet. Bonuses are bet on a 10% bonus, 90% balance basis. This means that if your account contains a bonus when you place a bet, 10% of that bet will come off of your bonus and 90% will come off of your balance. For example if you place a bet of $10 - $1 will come off of your bonus and $9 will come off of your balance. All winnings from all bets will be added to the players balance and not to the bonus. Player balances may be cashed out at any time.
  9. The rules and regulations, terms and conditions may be amended or modified by the company by posting all the changes in the Rules and Regulations section on the website.
  10. The player understands and agrees to abide by all the terms, conditions, rules and regulations contained herein.